What is a Stained Glass door doing standing at the edge of a green forest?

Come to Ruggles Camp and explore the environment and our surroundings.


Explore nature.


Take a quiet walk in the woods.


Watch for the animals.


Take photos of your journey.










Sit a spell.


One Individual said the trip reminded them as follows:


When I think if Ruggles, I think of "The Green Cathedral", a song our chorus sang in high school. Perhaps this is the door to the cathedral?


"The Green Cathedral"




Carl Hahn & Gordon Johnstone


I know a green cathedral, a holloed forest shrine,


Where trees in love join hands above to arch your prayer and mine.


Within its cool depths sacred, the priestly cedar sighs

And the fir and pine lift arems devine unto the clear blue skies.


In my dear green cathedral there is a quiet seat

And choir loft in branched croft where songs of birds hymn sweet.


And I like to think at evening when the stars its arches light


That my Lord and God treads its hollowed sod in the cool, calm peace of night.


Many Thanks to Hannah for painting the Stain Glass Doors and adding the verses.

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